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Press News

-        October 27th 2012, Shanshan was invited to perform at the “6th China Cup International Regatta 2012 Sailing Spirit Grand Ceremony - Knighting ritual”.

-        July 26th 2012, Shanshan performed upon invitation at the opening ceremony of the “Summer in Huaxi” arts festival/The 1st National Keyboard Invitation Tournament in Guizhou, China.

-        June 16th 2012, Shanshan carried out a live performance with “CD Tango Chamber Orchestra” in collaboration with Fu Daiju and one of the top ten dancers in Argentina, Leandro Oliver. The concert was met with much success, showcasing a combination of a form of music and dance rarely seen in China.

-        May 2nd 2012, Shanshan performed along with “CD Tango Chamber Orchestra” at the concert celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of the Department for Accordion and electronic keyboard at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

-        In 2006 Shanshan performed the 2nd version of “Solo accordion and prefabricated music – Jiukuang” (the drunk man) in Germany, her performance was very well received.


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